Google/Chrome Unit

Chrome - You Tube Playlist

  1. Create a Bookmark Folder For Computer 1 Class and add the Computer 1 Assignments page to it

Google - Email Review (Story of Send)

 Etiquette and Quiz

  1. Take the Quiz and email me your results (Hint: Your grade is on your email not your quiz score!)
    Create a signature in your email. Go to the gear wheel and choose settings, General.

Today you can finish creating your signature if you did not get that done.  If you want your signature to have a special font color that is fine just make sure it is not hard to read.

Follow along with this tutorial and create your Google+ account if you haven't already. Add me to your circle of choice. You can also add your classmates.  Then you need to check out the Communities or What's Hot section under your left side menu and choose some to add that are of interest to you.  Search for Google  and add one of their communities as well.  Share a post answering the following questions: Do you like Google+? How is it different from Facebook? How do you currently use Google+? Tell me about 4 or 5 feeds/communities you found to subscribe to and why then tag me (@Jaime Camden) or you can click in the + Add more people field and search for me  - this is how you will get credit for your assignment.

ALL GOOGLE+ ASSIGNMENTS/POST NEED TO BE IN ONE POST FOR EACH ASSIGNMENT -share and go back and edit if you do not finish


Google Ninja - sign up and create and account with your neunified1 email. Save your username and login information in your passwords document.


Complete Module 1 Getting Started (Units 1-2) We will watch the Chrome video as a class. Go to your Google+ and share a post to me answering the following questions: What is Chrome? Name two ways Chrome is different from other browsers. What is your favorite browser to use at home/school and why?

Google Ninja Module 1 Getting Started (3,4) and Easter Eggs, you Tube and Google in 1998
We will watch the search videos together as a class and then you will practice our search skills playing Google a Day. Check out this Google cool tricks page and try them out. Make sure you go to the Google search page to try them.  Create a Google + post to me telling me two things you learned that will help you search and which of the cool tricks you tried out. Share with me for credit.

Santa Search Tips

8-22 - Tech Bytes and Google+ Summary over three things we watched and your opinion!

8-25/26 - Google Ninja Search Lesson 2,3, Search Master 4.1 - We will watch the search videos together. (Daily Doof and Google a Day)
Use your search skills to find who said this "I love to eat - Kit Kats or cookies-and-cream ice cream"........... Please post the entire quote in your answer and who said it. Then find out where this image is from. Use operators to find some of the pdf files that are on our school website.  Search for google trends for today click on "more top charts".  Use the filters on the left to explore the different areas that google keeps track of.  What are 5 of the top searches that are interesting to you? Change the timeline to look back on a year/month that is significant to you and see how different the trends were for the 5 that you chose. Explain the differences to me. Post your answers to these ?'s in a Google+ post to me.


Search Tests: You have to get 8 correct to earn your belt!
White Belt
Green Belt

Black Belt
Use Google to help you! Search Features and Search Help Page  Search Tricks and Tips

We will review quiz results as a class - End of Search Unit!


Google Ninja Module White Dojo Belt Module 1 (Gmail Priority Inbox,  3 Videos) What is the difference between important and starred messages? How can you tell if you have read a message or not? Where do you look to find an email that is not in your inbox. How many GB of your email have you used up so far? If you haven't set up a profile picture use your Chromebook webcam and do that today also. Post your responses to the questions in a post to me and I will check to see if you have a picture. Mark this unit as complete on NinjaProgram!

When you are finished you need to do Google-A-Day.

9-3  Sending and Receiving Messages (12:51) You will be sending and replying to emails today. After completing the video compose an email to the partner listed in the email I sent. Pretend like the person you are writing has not seen the video. Explain to them the steps in creating and sending an email. Talk about and use proper netiquette as well. Include a hyperlink to the video you watched so the person you are emailing can refer back to it if they wish. The text should read something like....please click here to see the full video.....or check out the video at  I do not want to see a URL (http://www...)You also need to practice adding a picture to your email so search the web for Gmail icons and insert using the weblink option.  Do not copy and paste (picture will not show up) or download and save.  Keep searching if your site for "View Original Image" is blocked.

You also need to reply back to the person who sent you the email and thank them for the information.  Add whatever comments you like about the video and send.

Then you need to forward me the final email with replies that YOU created with a new subject line to remove the Forwarded Message subject. Your subject line can be Email Assignment or something similar. Send it to me.  Make sure you forwarded the entire conversation not just the reply. It would also be nice to include a short message to me about what you are forwarding.

Google Ninja Module White Dojo Belt Module 2,3,4,5 (Gmail: Archiving and Organizing,Tasks and Labs, Contacts and Mobile Devices) 20 minutes total

Practice using tasks and create some for this week, add reminders for school or home activities. Also search the labs and share one or two with me in your post you think is useful.  Create a post on Google+ telling me me how tasks will be helpful for you and what labs you liked.  Tell me which labs that were on the video are not available anymore. Mark all Gmail Units as complete. We will not take the test off of the site.

When you are finished you need to do Google-A-Day.

Complete all four of the tests below for Gmail.  Go back to videos, look in your Gmail settings, search the web etc. to help you find the answers. TAKE YOUR TIME! You will keep the grade you first have if you rush and do not find the answers.  When you are finished you need to look up tech news on CNET. Send me a post about what you read on google+ for extra credit.

Google Ninja Gmail Tests

White Belt Test
Green Belt Test
Black Belt Test
Master Test


We will review the Gmail tests.

Watch the Google Docs tutorials 1(15:33)

Open the email from me and first View your document - add it to your drive folder and share it with me. Keep it a Word document.

Download the document, open it and save as to your desktop. Then upload it to your Computer 1 folder - Convert IT!!!

Delete the desktop file when you are done.

2 (24:06) on

Create a spreadsheet name it Practice and fill in column A with your classmates names, sort A-Z, try out the sum function in column B.  Format your information with a border.  Put in your folder.

When you are finished you need to do Google-A-Day.


Watch the Google Docs tutorials 3(11:50) and 4(12:55) on Then log into NinjaProgram the Yellow Belt Dojo Unit 3-8 and mark this section as complete. We will test over these videos.

When you are finished you need to do Google-A-Day.


Yellow Belt Test over Google Drive on Use the internet and look up anything you do not know.  I will record your score when you are finished.

Log into your ninjaprogram account and watch the first section on Calendar Basics Under Green Belt. Video 1 (9:50) . Do not watch Video 2. Then continue to Unit 2 and watch the video on multiple calendars (9:14).

Create a Google+ post to me discussing the following questions: How is the VPS calendar different from your calendar? What is the purpose of creating multiple calendars for yourself? Do you want to share personal events with everyone? What are the different ways you can view a calendar? Which do you prefer and why? What is the default view set to for our school calendar on the home page? Give some examples of how Google calendars can help you in college or as an adult. Finally create an event in the future(not today) with a location and invite me and your classmates to it.

Mark these units as complete.

If you have time do Google A Day.

WE ARE FINISHED WITH GOOGLE!! for a while anyway:) Now we will begin MS Office.


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